Caitlin O'Connor — Model, Actress and TV Host — Shares Her Productivity Protips

Caitlin O'Connor — Model, Actress and TV Host — Shares Her Productivity Protips

By Vitalere Content

Want to get the most out of every day? Need some help in hacking your productivity? We're here to provide some answers. Every week at we're going to be talking to fitness experts, nutritional scientists, entertainers, influencers, pro athletes and more about their secrets to staying super-productive. Check back each week for Power On's "Productivity Protips".

This week we caught up with the lovely, intelligent and super-interesting Caitlin O'Connor. Caitlin is a model, actress and TV host who has worked with CBS, Comedy Central, Maxim and more.

From the importance of gigantic floor calendars to some kick-butt female role models, here are Caitlin's tips to leading a thoughtful and productive life.

Power On: Do you drink coffee to start your day?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I really enjoy drinking coffee and I have 2-3 small cups a day. I struggle to limit my caffeine, because chocolate has caffeine, and other foods have it. I think generally my intake of caffeine is a little high, but I want to get my work done so what can I do about that?"

Power On: How do you drink your coffee?
O'Connor: "I drink coffee with milk and sugar. I do like to have different lattes and fancy coffees. They're definitely a weakness of mine."

Power On: Are there any other foods or dietary practices you follow to hack your productivity?
O'Connor: "I think my iron supplements help me out a lot. I'm prone to anemia and not eating enough carbs during the day, so if I feel a little tired I sort of replace that carb deficiency with caffeine and sugar, which is bad. But I generally try to stay away from fake sugars. I use Stevia sometimes, but generally just brown sugar from Hawaii is the sugar that I use. I don't have any health problems and my bloodwork is awesome, but I think my productivity would be better if I sort of monitored my carb intake and cut the caffeine and sugar."

Power On: Are there any other things you do to stay focused and stay productive?
O'Connor: "I don't. I have a laser focus in general, and I don't really have any supplements or anything. But I have tried Modus Nutrition's Power On, and those were awesome. I liked those."

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Power On: Is there a time when you're most productive?
O'Connor: "Unfortunately, I'm most productive between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. (Laughs.) Immediately when the sun goes down I am awake and thinking about life, but during the day I'm least productive between 9 a.m. and noon, and that's when everybody wants me to get work done. I've always been like that, though, since I was a little girl."

Power On: Do you have any role models in terms of career or approach to life, or a combination of those things?
O'Connor: "Yeah, I have three role models. They are Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn and Emily Ratajkowski. I think the three of them are very powerful women in their statements and the way that they live their lives. Olivia Wilde is the daughter of two political activists and she's very, very intelligent. I love the choices that she's made for herself, speaking in terms of female empowerment, as well as Emily Ratajkowski. And Olivia Munn is just hot and has done some great stuff in her career. I love all of them."

Power On: Any favorite books or recent reads that have shaped your world view and/or approach to life?
O'Connor: "My two favorite books are 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac and a book called 'The Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Thompson and Christopher Bird. Those are two books that have really shaped the way that I view life."

Power On: Is there any productivity gear that you use?
O'Connor: "I have a very large calendar in my house and I just write everything down on it. I don't use digital calendars at all, even though it's becoming the primary source of people's schedules. I still use the handwritten calendar, and write down my goals and that sort of thing. I really think that helps with manifestation in your life, if you're physically writing things down that you'd like to achieve or have achieved. I think it bodes well for manifesting what you actually want. I think digitally, keeping it all together, I don't know how to describe it, but between the typing of it and the writing of it, I just like writing better."

Power On: Is the calendar on your wall or on your desk?
O'Connor: "It's actually on the floor. (Laughs.) It's just so big, it's larger than my desk."

Power On: Oh my gosh, is it, like, a rug?
O'Connor: "No, it's smaller than a rug, but it's pretty big. I write things down throughout the day that I've done, events that I went to, the names of people that I met and where I met them. Some networking events. Just the basics of my day. I get one of these calendars per year -- and at the end of the year I look back at what I've done."

Power On: Are there any apps that you rely on for productivity, fitness and things like that?
O'Connor: "I'm sponsored by Samsung, and they send me all of their phones and all of their oculus devices, and I really like the Samsung Health — or S Health - app, and I do use it frequently to monitor my heart rate and steps during the day."

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