Caitlin O'Connor Shares Her Tips for A Great Night's Sleep

Caitlin O'Connor Shares Her Tips for A Great Night's Sleep

Studies have shown that sleep is more vital than ever when it comes to productivity, on-the-job performance and overall well-being. And this holds true no matter what one does for a living. From students to businesspeople to professional athletes to actors and entertainers, everyone benefits from a full night's sleep.

Given the importance of proper rest, every week at PowerOnPowerOff, we'll be running a feature called "Hackzzz" where we talk to some of the biggest names in sports, business and entertainment to get their tips on how they "hack" their sleep cycles when life is at its busiest. This week we caught up with the lovely actress, model and television host Caitlin O'Connor. Here's what Caitlin had to share about how she gets enough sleep in order to stay fresh and energized both on camera and off.

Power Off: How much sleep do you normally get every night?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I get nine hours of sleep per night. It becomes slightly irregular when I'm traveling, and I have been traveling a lot. I don't sleep well in a bed that is not my own. Hotel beds are bad for me. But I try to get nine hours of sleep per night. I've always gotten that."

Power Off: How seriously do you take your sleep?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I take it pretty seriously. I notice a big difference in the way that I look and feel during the day. If I get less than six hours or more than 10 hours, then I feel very sluggish and as if my brain isn't on. I think sleep is such an integral part (of living well), a necessity for everybody's life. We take it for granted; we want to get more done but we're actually getting less done because we're actually not sleeping properly."

Power Off: Do you have any sleep gear?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I don't. I know a lot of people who do. I just use my mattress from Casper, which is awesome. I'm sponsored by Casper, and they send me all their stuff. I sleep through everything otherwise; my cat sleeps on my head and I don't notice it."

Power Off: Do you have any tips for sleeping on the road?
Caitlin O'Connor: "My only tip or advice for sleeping on the road would be, honestly, just keeping the room dark and making sure all of the doors are double-locked, so you feel like you have privacy and quiet. But it's really hard to sleep on the road."

Power Off: Are you a napper?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I'm not a napper. When I take a nap, I end up sleeping for eight hours."

Power Off: Do you have any rituals you follow before you go to sleep?
Caitlin O'Connor: "I brush my teeth, and I just try to keep my cell phone and all electronics away from me when I sleep."

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