Balancing Sleep and Gaming as an eSports Host

Balancing Sleep and Gaming as an eSports Host

By Vitalere Content

Studies have shown that sleep is more vital than ever when it comes to productivity, on-the-job performance and overall well-being. And this holds true no matter what one does for a living. From students to businesspeople to professional athletes to actors and entertainers, everyone benefits from a full night's sleep.

Given the importance of proper rest, every week at PowerOnPowerOff, we'll be running a feature called "Hackzzz" where we talk to some of the biggest names in sports, business and entertainment to get their tips on how they "hack" their sleep cycles when life is at its busiest. This week we caught up with the charming eSports and gaming host Jess Brohard. Here's what Jess had to share about how she gets enough sleep in order to stay fresh and energized both on camera and off.

Power Off: How many hours of sleep would you say you get per night?

Jess Brohard: "I would say 7-8 hours per night, depending on the night and depending on how early I have to wake up. I usually end up getting a pretty healthy amount of sleep."

Power Off: Do you have any special methods or strategies around sleep?

Brohard: "Not really. Probably because I'm a gamer, I tend to stay up kind of late playing video games. And I know that that's not good for your sleep cycles, and it's not good for your REM cycle, and it's not good to be that wired in to electronics and devices and screens late at night because, you know, studies have shown that it wires up your brain and it makes you have trouble sleeping. And I definitely am guilty of that. So I don't really have any strategies for sleep other than trying to find a soothing documentary on Netflix to fall asleep to, and maybe some peaceful piano music on Spotify."

Power Off: Are you a napper?

Brohard: "No. I wish I were. I know so many people who are nappers, but the problem is it takes me so long to fall asleep that even if I take a one-hour nap, I wake up feeling almost more tired. So I'd kind of rather just power on through the day. (Laughs.) 'Power On!' Just like 'Power On' through the day and get past the little 3 p.m. slump instead of trying to take a nap."

Power Off: When you travel, do you have any special methods or tips that you use to sleep better?

Brohard: "Not really. Maybe some soothing music. And then also sometimes if I'm staying at a hotel that gives you a sleeping mask and earplugs, I'll use those."

Power Off: Do you have any special sleep gear? Any mattresses, pillows, things of that nature?

Brohard: "I do have a memory foam pillow, which I love. Just because I like my pillows firm, and I like my beds firm. I don't like to sink into a bed, I like it to support me. And then I also have a big fluffy down comforter to keep me warm. But that's it, nothing too special."

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