A Chicago Bear Shares His Sleep Strategy

A Chicago Bear Shares His Sleep Strategy

Studies have shown that sleep is more vital than ever when it comes to productivity, on-the-job performance and overall well-being. And this holds true no matter what one does for a living. From students to businesspeople to professional athletes, everyone benefits from a full night's sleep.

Given the importance of proper rest, every week at PowerOnPowerOff, we'll be running a feature called Hackzzz where we talk to some of the biggest names in sports, business and entertainment to get their tips on how they manage their sleep strategies while they're on the go. This week we caught up with Chicago Bears linebacker Lamarr Houston while he was participating at the Esports Celebrity Boot Camp in New York. Here's what Lamarr had to share about how he gets enough sleep in order to (literally) stay on top of his game.

Power Off: How much sleep do you get on average?
Lamarr Houston: "Probably about 7-8 hours."

Power Off: Professional sports teams are focusing on sleep science a lot more these days. With that in mind, are you also taking your sleep more seriously at this point?
Lamarr Houston: "Yeah, I try and get as much sleep as I can. I try to go to bed earlier and I usually wear a night mask to make sure it's really dark.

Besides the sleep mask, do you own any other sleep products or aids?
Lamarr Houston: "Yeah, I'm looking into getting one of the cold sleep mats that help you recover."

Do you have any tricks for sleeping on the road?
Lamarr Houston: "I actually do have a method to my madness. My trick is I stay awake on the plane. Everybody goes to sleep on the plane, or they go to sleep on the bus, but I stay up. Then when I get to the hotel, I go through the schedule, so that way I don't have a nap, and by the end of the day, I just go to sleep easier."

Are you a napper in general?
Lamarr Houston: "Sometimes, but not really. I'm more of a through-the-day kind of person."

Read more about why Lamarr is one of the top NFL stars when it comes to diet and fitness. Also be sure to follow Lamarr on Twitter and Instagram.

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