Productivity Power Tips: Dr. Keith Pyne of the Washington Nationals

Productivity Power Tips: Dr. Keith Pyne of the Washington Nationals

By Vitalere Content

Want to get the most out of every day? Need some help in hacking your productivity? We're here to provide some answers. Every Thursday at we're going to be talking to fitness experts, nutritional scientists, key influencers, big-name athletes and more about their secrets to staying super-productive. Check back each week for our "Productivity Power Tips".

This week we caught up with one of Vitalere's advisors, Dr. Keith Pyne. Dr. Pyne is the Chairman of the Medical Services Advisory Board for the Washington Nationals, and has treated over 1,000 professional athletes over the duration of his career. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, as well as on ESPN and HBO's Hard Knocks. Here are Dr. Pyne's quick-hit tips for how he boosts his own productivity.

PowerOnPowerOff: What's your secret to starting your morning off right?
Dr. Pyne: "I love coffee. I'm a big fan of MCT oil and coffee. And I usually try to fast until noon."

PowerOnPowerOff: Other than your mobile phone, is there a piece of gear that you have that helps with productivity?
Dr. Pyne: "Honestly, no, there is not. I use my iPhone for a lot of that."

PowerOnPowerOff: What mobile app helps you most with productivity?
Dr. Pyne: I have Tabata for workouts. It has rest ratios and more. I use that quite a bit. And then my iCal keeps me on track more than anything."

PowerOnPowerOff: What's your secret to unwinding at night?
Dr. Pyne: "I meditate for about 15 minutes twice a day. Or at least once. At night, I just meditate, find the stillness, and then I go from there."

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