Which NFL Players Are the Biggest Gamers?

Which NFL Players Are the Biggest Gamers?

By Vitalere Content

It's been well reported that a large number of professional athletes love to play video games. Due to their fiery competitive streaks, as well as a fair amount of downtime both on the road and at home, athletes in all sports have been known to play everything from first-person shooters to sports games. And NFL players are no different.

So which NFL players truly stand out when it comes to video games? Who leads the pack in terms of being involved in video-game culture, business and just gaming itself? We spoke with Joint Forces Initiative founder Greg Zinone about which NFL players really stand out to him from a gaming perspective. Here are Zinone's top NFLers-as-gamers picks (and read more about Zinone's JFI charity at the bottom of the page):

Power On Off: Which NFL player do you think is the most diehard in terms of pure gaming?
Greg Zinone: "Aldon Smith is a huge gamer. He's always gaming in a team. He's one of our biggest gamers. He's probably one of the biggest out there."

Power On Off: What games does Aldon most like to play?
GZ: "Aldon is a big Call of Duty, Gears of War guy. He's more of a first-person shooter type."

Power On Off: Which NFL player, current or retired, is the most involved in gaming culture and just gaming overall?
GZ: "Ahman Green is the one that takes it to another level in terms of culture. He's already streaming, he just talks gaming, he looks like a gamer, he wears the gamer shirts; all of that instead of just sitting down and gaming."

Power On Off: And what are Ahman's favorite games?
GZ: "Ahman will play anything. He'll play Call of Duty, Gears of War, Overwatch, Madden."

Power On Off: And finally, which NFL player really stands out from an eSports business perspective?
GZ: "Rodger Saffold is a big one. I think he might be the first in the NFL to buy into a gaming team. So he's probably one of the biggest in terms of using it as a business.

"I don't know if Rodger is necessarily the biggest gamer, per se. He's not like an Ahman Green. Ahman is a gamer. Ahman's going to game 3-4 hours per day. Rodger may not game 3-4 hours per day, but he's gaming 1-2 hours per day, and he's also creating a business. So he sees different elements to it."

Power On Off: What games does Rodger most like to play?
GZ: "Rodger is all Call of Duty and Gears of War. Mostly the first-person shooters."


More about JFI:

Joint Forces Initiative (or "JFI") is a non-profit organization founded by Greg Zinone and his wife Addie that organizes "Pro vs. GI Joe" events where professional athletes play video games online against troops stationed around the world.

Zinone's next event is coming up next week in New York, when he will be working with some big names from the NFL, WWE and more at the eSports Celebrity Boot Camp. Inspired by the successful NFL Broadcast Bootcamp, the ESports Celebrity Gaming Bootcamp will educate participants on the three pillars of professional gaming: gaming, shout-casting and hosting.

In January, Power On Off, a nutraceutical brand including Power On to improve mental edge and Power Off to enhance sleep quality, announced their partnership with JFI to raise awareness of the catastrophic effects from lack of sleep and to provide safe alternatives to improve the health of athletes, gamers, the military and veterans.

Go to jointforcesinitiative.org for more information.