Power On Off and Joint Forces Initiative Team Up to Raise Sleep Awareness at Leigh Steinberg's Super Bowl Party

Power On Off and Joint Forces Initiative Team Up to Raise Sleep Awareness at Leigh Steinberg's Super Bowl Party


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Photo: Elaine Kunda, CEO of Vitalere and Leigh Steinberg, CEO and Chairman of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment celebrate at the 30th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party on Saturday, February 4, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Photo Credit: M.R. Cardenas Photography.

(New York, NY, February 7, 2017) – The Patriots may be going home with the 51st Super Bowl trophy after their overtime triumph over the Falcons on Sunday, but we want to know how much sleep they got after their win?

With only 212 days left until the 2017-18 NFL season, it’s prudent for the boys to catch up on sleep while they can. Especially since sleep is proven to improve reaction times, reduce injury rates, lengthen playing careers, improve accuracy and sprint times, and ensure fewer mental errors, according to Fatigue Science.

Every year, Super Bowl Weekend brings an unmatched energy and excitement to the host city. Americans are joined together by their shared love of football and tailgating. And, for the past 30 years, Leigh Steinberg’s Super Bowl party has drawn the most elite group of attendees, including celebrities, athletes and industry influencers. This year was no exception.

Power On Off, a nutraceutical brand including Power On to improve mental edge and Power Off to enhance sleep quality, attended this annual event with their charitable partner Joint Forces Initiative (JFI), to raise awareness about the catastrophic effects of lack of sleep in athletes –- elite and armchair alike.

Founded in 2007 by Greg and Addie Zinone, JFI is a non-profit organization and the mastermind behind the Pro vs GI Joe events where professional athletes play video games online against troops stationed around the world. Ahman Green, former NFL pro bowl running back and champion of JFI, hosted a live stream event at the Leigh Steinberg party, which saw athletes, fans, veterans and troops playing Gears of War on Xbox One.

“We were honored to be included in the 30th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party and to attend with our partners, Joint Forces Initiative. Power On Off was created to provide safe alternatives to people struggling from sleep deprivation or those looking for a mental edge. We know this issue is especially prevalent in elite sports, which is why it’s important to get our message to these athletes,” said Elaine Kunda, CEO of Vitalere (parent company of Power On Off).

Power On and Power Off are designed to help the user compete. Power On is a proprietary blend of 15 ingredients working in synergy to promote memory, alertness, energy, productivity and brain health. Power Off is a proprietary blend of nine ingredients to promote relaxation, sleep and brain health. Taken together, the smart supplementation protocol of Power On and Power Off can enhance the ability to get high quality sleep, wake up refreshed, and maintain focus in the face of every day stresses and distractions.

Power On Off is working in lock step with JFI to build awareness and provide healthy alternatives to improve sleep and increase focus – for sport and for life. By using the code JFIPOWERONOFF, 10% percent of sales from Power On and Power Off will be given to JFI to continue the important work they do in giving the military, athletes and gamers a platform to play and compete while creating unity.


NSF Certified for Sport®

Power On and Power Off have completed the requirements of the NSF Certified for Sport® program. This confirms that Power On and Power Off do not contain any of the 265+ substances banned by major athletic organizations. This program verifies that the contents of Power On and Power Off actually match what is printed on the label. It also verifies that our products are manufactured at a facility audited by NSF for quality and safety. With Power On and Power Off being certified by NSF International’s Certified for Sport® program, you can be confident that the products are bring regularly checked by one of the most respected certifiers in the world.

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