Professional Athletes Making Unconventional Retirement Plans

Professional Athletes Making Unconventional Retirement Plans

(New York, NY, March 16, 2017) – For many, retirement sounds like a dream – a reward for years of working and planning to finally start crossing off the “bucket list”. They may count down the days until they become “of age” or they may find ways to bask in the retirement glow a little early. But, what if you’re a professional athlete and your retirement happens when you’re 30? Or 35? Or even 40?

Emma WWE and Elaine Kunda

(Elaine Kunda, CEO of Vitalere, parent company of Power On Off, with WWE superstar "Emma" at the Esports Celebrity Bootcamp in New York City.)

Ask Marshall Newhouse from the New York Giants, or WWE superstar Summer Rae what their retirement may look like and you will hear what could be considered a rather unconventional response. Gaming.

That’s right – professional gaming. And, the first ESports Celebrity Gaming Bootcamp will help get them started.

Inspired by the successful NFL Broadcast Bootcamp, the ESports Celebrity Gaming Bootcamp will educate participants on the three pillars of professional gaming: 1) Gaming; 2) Shout Casting; and 3) Hosting. At the end of the four-day Bootcamp, each of the athletes will have the tools and skills they need to develop their own credible professional gaming persona.

Joint Forces Initiative (JFI) and Power On Off would like to welcome the following athletes attending the first Bootcamp dedicated to developing skills in professional gaming:

• Tenille Dashwood (a.k.a. "Emma") – WWE wrestler

• Ahman Green – retired pro bowl running back, Green Bay Packers

• Lamarr Houston – outside linebacker, Chicago Bears

• Marshall Newhouse – offensive tackle, New York Giants

• Danielle Moinet (a.k.a. "Summer Rae") – WWE wrestler

• Aaron Beasley – Former NFL player

Founded in 2007 by Greg and Addie Zinone, JFI is a non-profit organization and the mastermind behind the Pro vs GI Joe events where professional athletes play video games online against troops stationed around the world. As co-hosts of the event, JFI is attending the Bootcamp, along with approximately 8 professional gamers, to share their expertise in the sport of professional gaming.

In January, Power On Off, a nutraceutical brand including Power On to improve mental edge and Power Off to enhance sleep quality, announced their partnership with JFI to raise awareness of the catastrophic effects from lack of sleep and to provide safe alternatives to improve the health of athletes, gamers, the military and veterans. Power On Off is also attending the event to ensure the athletes are all getting a good night’s sleep.

Power On Off is working in lock step with JFI to build awareness and provide healthy alternatives to improve sleep and increase focus – for sport and for life. By using the code JFIPOWERONOFF, 10% percent of sales from Power On and Power Off will be given to JFI to continue the important work they do in giving the military, athletes and gamers a platform to play and compete while creating unity.

The ESports Celebrity Bootcamp is taking place at Microsoft’s new esports arena in New York City. Hosted by former NFL pro bowl running back Ahman Green and JFI Co-Founder Addie Zinone, the athletes will be playing Gears of War, Rocket League, Killer Instincts and Halo during their workshops. You can watch the excitement at on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Power On Off
Power On and Power Off are designed to help the user compete. Power On is a proprietary blend of 15 ingredients working in synergy to promote memory, alertness, energy, productivity and brain health. Power Off is a proprietary blend of nine ingredients to promote relaxation, sleep and brain health. Taken together, the smart supplementation protocol of Power On and Power Off can enhance the ability to get high quality sleep, wake up refreshed, and maintain focus in the face of every day stresses and distractions.

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