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About Us

The rise of stimulant and relaxation products illustrates a key insight - people are eager to find ways to better promote focus and alertness so they can accomplish more in their day-to-day lives.*

Power ON and Power OFF were created to provide non-pharmaceutical, non-addictive aids to help people maintain natural brain balance, which helps support brain health, sleep quality and cognitive function, both needed to achieve higher levels of performance.*

The products we develop adhere to three critically important principles:

  • They are safe. Our NSF for Sports Certification confirms the ingredients in our products:
    • Are permitted use in dietary supplements as regulated by the FDA
    • Contain ZERO unsafe substances (like pesticides or heavy metals)
    • Contain ZERO banned substances
    • Contain ZERO chemically synthesized nootropics
  • They are tested. We only use dietary ingredients that have been shown to be safe and effective in human trials. Plus, our NSF for Sports Certification means our products undergo a continual process of testing, inspection, and validation to ensure that product contents reflect label claims.
  • They are studied. The claims we make about our products are based on the results of scientific studies.

And who are we? We’re Vitalere, a leading-edge health and nutrition research and development company that creates innovative products built on science. We have decades of experience in research and formula development, both in the lab and in the field. We work with top scientists, elite athletes, sports professionals and health experts to develop products that aim to outperform other supplements currently on the market. And we do it all with sincere passion and the utmost dedication to helping people feel great every day.

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete looking to improve your performance, a corporate professional trying to maximize your productivity, or someone just looking to support a good night's sleep, we’re here to help.*